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Yes, this is one of the only poop cleanup or feces cleanup San Diego County residents and businesses choose for affordable and reliable poop cleanup services. I use both poop and feces interchably because people sometimes search for both terms. If you called a round after your do diligence search of the Internet and asked around, you know that you will go with my poop cleanup service if you have the $250 discretionary income. This fee includes the first hour of labor by the way, which is usally more than tenough time to clean up poop as needed.

What the one hour means:

Please note, this "one hour" of labor is for necessary feces cleanup work, not in addition to feces cleanup. This means that once I complete the feces cleanup, my job is done. I mention this hear because sometimes it take only a few minutes to complete feces cleanup work. In the past some people had the idea that I somehow "owed" them "the remaining time cleaning" or otherwise working for them. Some have suggested that I reduce my fee considering that I completed my feces cleanup task "so fast." People need to understand that they hire me to remove feces

You reached this San Diego County poop cleanup web page because of an Internet search, or perhaps someone referred you to this page. Generally, most people do an Internet search for "feces cleanup," but some do search for "poop cleanup." It's a matter of background and the feeling of the moment. Plus, if you're in search of help with an accidental human feces discharge, you may have searched for feces cleanup.

I'm Eddie Evans and I have over 17 years in the feces cleanup business, which is otherwise known as "feces cleanup" and "infectious waste cleanup." The terms poop and feces are used interchangeably here as they are in our American society. Different ethnic groups, age groups, and social settings seem to use whichever of these two terms apply to the social etiquette of the moment. Medical science, our San Diego County doctors, nurses, and researchers use "stool" in place of poop and feces.


What I do.

I arrive on time, mostly - -

I make a point to arrive on time if not early; any time that I'm not on the spot for a feces cleanup task, it's because I'm stuck in a hughe traffic jam or my truck broke down. For traffic congestion, I make a point of leaving in early morning, well before sun rise. San Diego County is a long way from my Orange County residence and I prefer to leave early, miss traffic, and relax at a Home Depot or restaurant. Sometimes I find a park and walk. In any case, before you see me I have seen your San Diego County residence or business one or two hours before. I've used this practice for over 17 years and it works well.

I hand you a business card. View the scene and bring in the needed tools and cleaning chemicals.


Each San Diego County feces cleanup task is a bit different and some are very different. As you know human poop takes on may characteristics found in nature as found in rocks, marshes, and so forth. Diarrhea, for instance, dries to a hard shell-like surface in some instances. When left in place for days, whether a horizontal or verticle surface, it sometimes become like a cenmentatious surface. Just like stucco, human poop sticks mightily to wall and floor surfaces. So the time required for any two feces cleanup tasks can vary greatly.

Some times I can complete a feces cleanup task in San Diego County in minutes and at other times it takes hours. I once took a week to cleanup cat poop in an Arizona home, for example. At other times I've taken seconds fo human poop cleanup work. No, it's not worth two-hundred and fifty dollars for many people and this is why I rarely work in San Diego County's low-income areas. In middle-class homes I find more work, especially because some San Diego County baby boomers suffer ailments related to accidental poop discharges.

See below for my San Diego County poop cleanup charges because they change with conditions, distance to the job site, and nature of the entire San Diego County poop cleanup environment.

What I need.

  • An email (when possible) giving the time, place, and name of the person pay (the responsible party.
  • I need to know if parking is available.
  • I need to know if electricty and running water are available because these go toward the poop cleanup charges at times.
  • I need to know if parking is a available and how close to the job site.
  • I need to know the earliest hour that I can begin work.
  • I need to know if the building is vacant if this San Diego County poop cleanup job takes place within a building.
  • I need to know if pets are in the building during cleaning.
  • I need to know if carpeting is involved if any needs removal (which may go toward disposal fees, but I'm told that my carpet removal fee is "reasonable.")

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What I charge in San Diego County.

I do not charge for chemicals.

I charge $250 for the service charge and will work the first hour without additional charge; thereafter I begin to charge between $40 per hour and $50 per hour depending upon the working environment. For example, if it's a closed in environment I charge more. If I must use a ladder at any time I charge more for that particular hour.

  1. If I must provide water and electirity I charge $40 for electriicty.
  2. If I must provide water I charge $20.
  3. If I must haul off carpet or furnishings I charge a minimum of $50 for one piece of furniture and $75 for a bedroom carpet, which is "cheap" I'm told by carpet company employees. If a carpet has heavy fecal matter contamination, I will charge up to $200 for its removal and disposal. I clean the surface of the floor below by sweeping and applying a light disinfectant.

As of this moment I understand that I have no competitors in San Diego County for the poop cleanup service. Yes, other infectous waste companies which are known as "biohazard cleanup" companies will do the job, but not for my prices; in no way can these companies match my prices. I do the work myself and do not have employees to pay, unlike my San Diego County competitors.

I too operate as a biohazard cleanup company for all of California and the rest of the United States if the money is there. I have cleaned in 24 states during my 17 years in biohazard cleanup business. At one time I could catch a plane in Long Beach, fly to Dulles Airport in Washington D.C, pick up a van stored in Maryland, and drive to New York City and clean after homicide, suicide, and unattended death. I drove to many states like Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Wyoming. What made my biohazard cleanup business different then, as now, is that I do the cleaning, not biohazard cleanup employees.

Unlike San Diego's biohazard cleanup companies I have none of the following cleaning employee expenses:

  • California State workers compensation
  • Employee medical insurance
  • Employee vacations
  • Employee social security tax
  • Employee sick pay
  • Employee vehicles
  • Employee vehicle insurance coverage

What about the maid services? No, they don't do feces cleanup related work; in fact, the maid service employees will not enter a home with poop contamination outside of a home's toilets. Even then, when toilets become heavily poop contaminated, these employees will not enter the soiled bathroom environments. No, they'll have nothing to do with this type of work. Maid services clean to a "motel clean" quality of cleaning, dusting, sweeping, and mopping, mostly.

Friends and families will not often volunteer for this type of work, especially if they were involved in it during past poop events. Sometimes an elderly person's health leads to their inability to control when they deficate. So they poop feces on toilet seats, bathroom floors, hallways, bed rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and dens. I know because of seen these events many times over the years. In these cases I've offered service on the day following a call for cleaning help, mostly.

When to expect service.

I try to provide next day service unless the call for help comes early enough in the morning. Keep in mind thata San Diego County's highways and freeways become congested early in the day and remain that way for most of the day, even on Saturdays. But if a call comes early enough and I have no other poop cleanup work to get done, I'll make a point of helping on the call date, but this does not happenn often.

Other San Diego County infectious waste services.

Alpine remains San Diego County's version of Alpine County, California as well as Alpine, Los Angeles County. So the name Alpine carries a lot of weight when it comes to a community's desire to use a Scandinavian sounding word. During the latest census in 2010, Alpine posted a population of roughly 15,000 people. This is up from the previous 13,000 in the 2000 census. With such a small population, it's not likely that I'm going to find any feces cleanup work in this Hon. community.

Bonita is a Spanish word and it means "pretty." Like Alpine's tiny population of 14,000 residents, but need to has on the 12,538 residents as of the last census in 2010. This does not look favorable for my feces cleanup business anymore than it does for my poop cleanup business. Designated a unincorporated area, it's not likely that was the Bonita reach to the higher levels of an incorporated city in San Diego County.

Borrega Springs Like its larger unincorporated communities, the census-Designated Pl. in San Diego County has only 2,535 residents. It is not likely to offer in the poop cleanup services for even cats or dogs. Just the same, it's a nice place to live and you can't beat the weather here in the winter months. It's very Mediterranean-like whether in likely to remain a serene place to live. With its pueblo style, modern architecture and ranch-style house architecture, it serves as a traffic turnaround between the airport and downtown. It has a "Christmas circle.".


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