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A lot of hoarding cleanup means making decisions and destroying. And that's the rub, the decision making. Destroying has nothing to. It's the decision-making that led to the hoarding cleanup issues in the first place. If we can make those momentary decisions to place stuff where belongs, then we would know beforehand that we have bought the same object in the past and we would find it when we went to place the new item were belong, exactly where the original item remained. But the original item remained outside of our consciousness, outside of our perception, because it was buried. And that's what we see in these films about hoarding and hoarding cleanup.

The characters in the films are real. This is not "fake" hoarding or fake hoarding cleanup. The cockroaches are real. They really do climb in and out of kitchen cupboards, cabinet drawers, medicine cabinets, between sheets, and over toilet seats. Perceptions of these cockroaches are real. What happens over time is that the perception of the cockroaches becomes less important than the sense of a need to ignore the perception of cockroach droppings and populations scurrying about our homes.


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